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On July 1, 1972, Clayton Meier purchased the Racine Boiler and Tank Company at 1523 16th Street. The Racine Boiler and Tank Company was a metal fabrication shop operating out of this same location since its incorporation in November of 1913.

To accommodate a growing fabricating business and to fill a need in the community for a diverse supplier of metal products, in 1978 the company relocated to 1920 17th Street. This new location provided 48,000 square feet of space compared to 17,000 at the old location.

By 1982, it was apparent that over the past ten years the direction of the company had been changing. What was originally only a metal fabricating business had also become a very diverse supplier of metal products to the Racine-Kenosha area. Also by this time, the company discontinued boiler repair work. To reflect this change in the nature of the business, the name Racine Boiler and Tank Company was changed to Metalworld, Inc.

Customers of Metalworld, Inc. include manufacturers, contractors, and municipalities in the Southeast Wisconsin area. The company was built on the idea that its customers are the most important part of the business. It has grown by providing quality metal products and fabrications, through the use of equipment that is current in technology and employees that are adequately trained and certified.